Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has vetoed a Common Council measure that would have put a halt to overtime and hiring for the foreseeable future.

With the city looking at a nine-million-dollar deficit for the current fiscal year and projected shortfalls over the next several years, the council had called for the freeze.

However, in a statement, Segarra said “Council’s actions make it impossible for the departments of Public Works, Police and Fiere to keep people safe, respond to emergencies, and keep streets clean”.

Citing three recent homicides, Segarra said they need more police, not less.

Segarra adds that over the past decade, DPW has lost over 100 employees, having added 35 since 2010.  He said what the council proposed was impractical.

The mayor goes on to say that imposing the freezes would impact the safety of the of the city and the progress made.


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