Former Coventry Volunteer Fire Association Chief Joseph Carilli is accused of having sex with a junior firefighter in the firehouse, starting shortly after her fifteenth birthday.

The information comes from arrest warrants unsealed today. In the documents, a lower-ranking member of the department admitted some teen sex accusations, and denied others.

The 53-year-old Carilli admitted having sex with the teenager, but he claimed he had no choice, because the girl was in control.

He told police the teenager forced him to have sex with her, by blackmailing him.  But police said the supposed subject matter of the blackmail, that Carilli had been charged with having sex with a minor years before, was already common knowledge in the fire department.

The girl said she became pregnant and had an abortion. She said Carilli made some payments for the procedure, then stopped paying.

In court arrest warrants unsealed today, police say both Carilli and the girl told them she had sexual intercourse on a regular basis for more than two years.  The girl said it was often  in the main fire house’s board of directors room and in the attic.  She said he asked her for naked pictures of her, which she sent to his cell phone.

Meanwhile, police say Fire Lieutenant  Joe Fragoso traded hundreds of naked pictures with a 16-year-old junior firefighter.

He admitted having some types of sexual activity with the girl in the quartermaster’s office at the firehouse, but he denied having other types of sexual activity with her.

She said they had sex in a substation  next to the police boat.

Both of the teenagers were under the authority of the older, married men. Some of the criminal charges stem from the position of power the men had, over the girls.

Carilli is charged with second degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.  He was chief until last year.

Fragoso is charged with second degree sexual assault.


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