Courtney Talks “Sequester” With Ray Dunaway

As Friday’s spending cuts known as “sequestration” approach,   Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney says the full impact won’t be felt immediately.

Courtney tells WTIC’s Ray Dunaway the current sequester requirement is an update of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings budget-balancing legislation passed in 1985 ..  and does not affect every aspect of government spending:

“It hits what’s called discretionary spending, which is a sort of a much more narrow strip of government.  It was designed to hurt.  This is not meant to be a policy;  it’s meant to be a carrot and a big stick, to get people to sit down and negotiate.”

Courtney says southeastern Connecticut will be hit hard, because of the reliance on the defense industry there.  He says instead of Newport News, President Obama could have visited Groton Tuesday and made the same comments on the cuts.

Hear the full interview:



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