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Old Hartford Fire Truck Goes Astray On Caribbean Island

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2007 file image of Hartford fire trucks. Photo by WTIC's Matt Dwyer.

2007 file image of Hartford fire trucks. Photo by WTIC’s Matt Dwyer.

Several years ago, the city of Hartford donated an old fire truck to its sister city in Jamaica.  But the vehicle apparently never made it to Morant Bay, Jamaica.

Hartford City Council President Shawn Wooden says he is asking the mayor to delay the delivery of a second old fire truck, until the details are nailed down, about what happened to the first vehicle.

“This city council was unaware of the fact that there was a prior fire truck donated, and certainly unaware that that prior fire truck reportedly never made it to its destination,” Wooden said.

Reports say the ladder truck ended up with a different agency, elsewhere on the Caribbean island.

Wooden says the truck should have gone to the community that the city gave it too.

“It is still a problem.  When we authorize things, we authorize them with certain understandings and expectations,” Wooden said.  “It was pretty clear from the resolution that we intended for the city of Morant Bay, Jamaica to utilize this fire truck.”

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