A group that includes Sandy Hook Elementary School parents today gathered at Newtown town hall, on the 1-month anniversary of the school massacre.

Nicole Hockley lost her 6-year-old son, Dylan.

“At times it feels like only yesterday, at times it feels like years have past,” Hockley said. “I still find myself reaching for Dylan’s hand to walk through a parking lot, or expecting him to craw into bed beside me for early morning cuddles, before we get ready for school.”

The group Sandy Hook Promise is asking people to pledge to honor the victims of the school shooting.

The group also wants people to promise to work for what it calls common sense solutions, but members say they need to hold a period of discussion, before determining what changes they want to see.

“There are steps government can take. There are laws congress can pass,” said Sandy Hook Promise member Tom Bittman. “However, to accomplish meaningful change, we must also look to ourselves.  Passing a new law and then moving on is not the answer.”

Members of the group say they want to move beyond rhetoric and hardened positions, in an effort to prevent future acts of mass violence.

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