The Connecticut Office of Higher Education says some students who were attending the Sawyer and Butler schools when they unexpectedly closed the end of last month have been getting telephone calls from a person or persons claiming there is a plan to reopen the vocational schools in Hartford, Hamden and Bridgeport.   The Director of the Office of Higher Education, Jane Ciarleglio,  says students should not be taken in.

“Students should be wary if someone approaches them and tells them that they can pick up where they left off with their studies — because they are not a licensed or accredited institution, and those degrees will be bogus.”

She says the Office of Higher Education is the official custodian of the transcripts,  and students should request their transcripts from her office.  It’s possible to get the form online,   but it must be printed out and a signed copy submitted.

Ciarleglio says about half the students have registered for release of their transcripts.  Students may be able to complete their studies and externships through “teach out” arrangements with other accredited schools which have volunteered to help; it may be possible to transfer their earned coursework to another school, pending review of their transcripts,  or, some students who do not choose either of those options may be able to have their federal student loans forgiven.

The Office of Higher Education plans student information stations in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport,  to help students assess their options.


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