BROOKLINE, Mass. (CBS Connecticut) – High school student-athletes who have suffered concussions are returning to the playing field before their brain has fully recovered.

A new study out of Massachusetts found that 28 percent of high school athletes in the state have shown regression in their cognitive abilities after moderate exertion once returning to the playing field too soon following a concussion.

The study, conducted by neuropsychologist Neal McGrath of Brookline, Mass., looked at 54 athletes in football, soccer and hockey who suffered head injuries. McGrath told the Boston Globe that the findings suggest more oversight is needed in regard to when athletes can return to the field following a concussion,

“The spirit here is we’re trying to learn more about when an athlete is fully recovered and when they’re not,” McGrath told the Globe. “There appear to be very serious implications for athletes, especially young athletes, returning to play and sustaining further trauma before they’re fully recovered.”

The findings come on the heels of the Globe’s findings in October that discovered that almost 3,000 students in Massachusetts schools suffered concussions while playing sports during the 2011-12 school year.

The study is schedule to be published in next month’s issue of Brain Injury.


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