During heavy surf and high winds yesterday, authorities said Brian Bakunas got into the water near a pier in Milford.

The 40-year-old’s body was found by firefighters today, washed up on a nearby beach.

“We did a first light search this morning,” said Coast Guard Lieutenant Jeff Janaro. “Since we had the hurricane-force winds at the time of the incident, where the man was seen going into the water, none of our vessels were able to respond.”

“It is unfortunate, but when our vessels are going to be put in danger, or in harms way, and outside of safe operating parameters, a decision is made on what the best use of those resources would be,” Janaro said.

Janaro said if a search boat had been sent out in those conditions, it would have been tossed around so much that it would be nearly impossible for someone in the boat to actually look for someone in the water.


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