Forty-eight year-old Brett Bednarz was arraigned today, in a 2010 East Hartford triple-murder.

Investigators said there were signs of a fight in the bathroom, where two of the victims were found, one laying partially on top of the other.

In another room, documents were dumped on the floor, including a letter from victim Beverly Therrien’s life insurance company, confirming her decision to change the beneficiary of her life insurance policy.

Police say because the change was made shortly before Therrien was murdered, her son, who is also her accused killer, is still the beneficiary.

According to a police arrest warrant, the victims were pounded in the head with something that experts said could have been a hammer.

Pools of blood were found near some of the victims. Bloody sock prints stained areas throughout the house.

In addition to Therrian, the bodies of Pamela Johns and Michael Ramsey were found in the house on Thanksgiving, 2010.

In the arrest warrant, investigators wrote that they found Brett Bednarz’s DNA on a piece of toilet paper in the house, also stained by blood from Ramsey.

Two jailhouse snitches told police that Bednarz confessed to the killings.

And experts noted distinct similarities between bloody sock prints found all over the house, and sock impressions left by Bednarz.

Police say after the killing, they noticed Bednarz had scratches and bruises on his hands, forearms, and a swollen toe.  Investigators say there had been a struggle in the house where the bodies were found.

A judge set Bednarz’s bond at $3-million dollars.  He is due in Hartford Superior Court October 30.

Bednarz wore a camouflage shirt during his brief appearance before the judge.


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