Well at least Hartford and the AHL will see their Hockey season start on time…

“my focus is here”, connecticut whale rookie chris kreider yesterday afternoon as the whale prepared to move out of the new york rangers training facility in tarrytown, new york to open a four game exhibition schedule in preparation for the regular season…kreider referred to the ongoing nhl labor talks, saying, “it’s not something i’m waiting on…my attention is here”…if the rangers were in camp krieder would be waving goodbye to his whale teammates as they head to hartford, his future in the nhl is now…kreider starred for boston college last season, then joined the rangers in time to contribute five post season goals…already an nhl veteran he’s in the unusual position of being an ahl rookie…there are a number of such situations this season, players on entry level nhl contracts, interchangable pieces that can be moved between leagues…those players will at least start their seasons in the ahl while the national hockey league attempts, albeit without much impetus, to resolve their collective bargaining differences…one way nhl players on veteran contracts are locked out of training camps, a notice on the door from the rink to the offices at the rangers facility making that perfectly clear, “no locked out players beyond this point”…chris kreider doesn’t appear to be the only one disinterested in the labor talks…the league and the players take a similar stance, ignoring the core economic issues at the heart of the matter through a weekend of talks before breaking off yesterday with no progress and no new talks scheduled…kreider may be paying property tax in hartford before he’s paying the new york city and state income taxes…insiders are now saying the nhl lockout could rapidly turn into a seige…the league announced yesterday that the cancellation of pre season games came at a cost of one hundred million dollars…the announcement that regular season games will become casualties could come as soon as today…when will that point of impetus be reached…prevailing wisdom was the issue would be resolved by mid december with the annual new years winter classic the considered the likely starting point…prevailing wisdom has given way to reality and insiders are now saying the players are in no mood to give up anything they already have, particularly a reduction from fifty seven percent to forty seven percent of revenues, and the owners won’t move without economic give backs, hence the avoidance of those economic issues…yesterday the nhl labor talks turned another corner without turning a corner and espn is reportedly ready to turn it’s web streaming network over to russia’s khl hockey league, now populated by such nhl stars as alex ovechkin, ilya kovalchuck and zdeno chara…still the nhl says any movement will have to begin with both sides ponying up a share of the one hundred million already lost…friday, november twelfth, xl center, there will be hockey in hartford…for the national hockey league, that prevailing wisdom we hear so much about, is beginning to believe it may be “wait til next year”, or until somebody floats the idea of contraction, which will do little to cover lost revenues for the owners, or salaries for the players, which makes it just the sort of word that might force movement…with a comment from the sports world, i’m scott gray…


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