CANTON, Mass. (CBS Connecticut) – A joint survey conducted by and Dunkin’ Donuts learned that professionals in the service and science industries find themselves needing more coffee than anyone else.

The breakfast purveyor franchise teamed up with the job search website to ask 4,152 working Americans about the role coffee plays in their professional productivity in honor of National Coffee Day, United Press International learned.

Those involved in service work and food preparation were most likely to feel a decline in productivity if deprived of coffee, the study reportedly found.

Scientists, people in marketing and public relations, nurses, business executives and teachers were allegedly not far behind.

Other professionals high on the list of coffee-fueled employees included sales representatives and media employees, according to UPI.

Participants were also asked about their coffee consumption habits. A reported 55 percent said they consume at least one cup of coffee per day, and 63 percent go on enjoy multiple cups.

The survey was conducted online, between Aug. 13 and Sept. 3.


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