It’s a mixture of topics from the sports world today…

Sometimes you do just swing for the fences. Let’s see if I can touch ’em all as I run around the sports world a bit. How about the good, the bad and the ugly in baseball this season? The good, which almost makes that second wild card palatable, the American League, where the race for the wild cards is so close, with that one game playoff that goes to the two wild card teams so objectionable, all three division races appear to be headed for the wire. No more playing just to get to the post season, that division title is all important now. The bad. The National League, where the Braves are a division long shot and are likely to win the first wild card by about eight games over the second wild card team, only to have that accomplisment come down to one game. The ugly. The Boston Red Sox. They shoot horses, don’t they? I think it’s about time for the National Football League to admit their on field officials are worth those paid pensions they’re going after, and the numbers published by USA Today this morning bear me out on this. Many players feel the replacement refs are in over their heads and calling games through starry eyes, Philly running back LeSean McCoy saying one replacement guy pleaded with him to pick up his performance for the sake of his fantasy team. It seems the replacments are throwing fewer flags on the home teams than the real refs. Less than 45 percent of the penalties are called on home teams this year compared to the previous low of 47 percent and the all time high of 51 percent. It’s time the NFL realized the integrity of a league foundationed on gambling is worth the price of the pensions. You know what I really like? The firm position of the University of Tennessee that pre game prayers will continue at Neyland Stadium despite pressure from the Freedom of Religion Foundation asking for cessation of prayer prior to university functions and sporting events. The school’s counsel responded that “Non sectarian prayer at public university events does not violate the first ammendment”. Case closed. It isn’t always this great, but what’s better than the Fed Ex Cup Tournament, in which any of the top 125 point earners on the PGA Tour has a shot at becoming Tour champion and claiming a ten million dollar bonus over a four tournament playoff? The last thirty men standing tee off the fourth event today, the Tour Championship in Atlanta, with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, paired by points, not coincidence or television dictates, in the final group, with Phil Mickelson also in the top five and in the next to last group. Only those top five can claim the Tour Championship and the Fed Ex Cup by just winning this event. Anyone else would need some help from outside factors. By the way. Do you remember which company it was who’s withdrawal of sponsorship for a PGA Tour event made it possible for Hartford to stay on Tour and be a part of the Fed Ex Cup season long pursuit? That would be 86 Lumber. Running the bases in the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.


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