A 51-year-old Florida man is charged with federal stalking, domestic violence and explosives charges after he allegedly traveled to Connecticut in December, 2010, and placed two acid-bottle bombs in the car of his ex-girlfriend in Stamford.   One exploded before the woman reached her car,  and she ran from the vehicle when she saw the second fizzing and smoking,

U.S. Attorney for Connecticut David Fein  Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s New Haven  office  Kimberly Mertz say Frank Mendoza was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, last month and has been held in custody since then.

If convicted, Mendoza could be sentenced to prison for ten years and fined up to a quarter million dollars on each of four counts of interstate stalking and one count of interstate domestic violence.  He’s also charged with two counts of using an explosive in commission of a felony,   a mandatory ten-year consecutive prison term.


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