Aaron Rodgers May Wear a 49ers Jersey For Week 1

If Green Bay Packers quarterback and MVP Aaron Rodgers doesn’t win his Week 1 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, he may be wearing the opposing team’s jersey on Monday morning.

Weirdly enough, it has to do with a bet Rodgers made with his friends, the singers of mega group Boyz II Men.

According to TMZ, Aaron Rodgers asked lead singer Nathan Morris if they would open their season off by singing a rendition of the National Anthem at Lambeau Field.

Morris agreed, but under one condition: If San Francisco wins the game, Rodgers MUST wear an Alex Smith (the SF QB) jersey for the rest of the week. If the Packers win, Morris agreed to wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey.

Representatives for Boyz II Men confirmed the bet, and Aaron has accepted the challenge.

Interestingly enough, the San Francisco 49ers passed on Aaron Rodgers in exchange for Alex Smith in the 2005 NFL Draft.


What do you think of the bet?




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