A small plane crashed and burned at Plainville’s Robertson Airport shortly after 7 p.m. Thursday evening.  One person was killed

Firefighters sprayed water onto the wreckage near Northwest Drive.

At the scene,  WTIC’s Matt Dwyer reported the small white plane appears to have crashed into an embankment.

He says the tail section was hanging on one side of a chain link fence,  the wings spread out on the embankment.

Crews were positioning a tarpaulin to block the view of bystanders.

After the burning wreckage was extinguished, a thunderstorm moved through with heavy rain.

One man who lives nearby said it sounded like something was wrong withe the plane’s engine, when it passed over his house.

Another man said he saw the small, white plane crash into an embankment near the airport, at the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Northwest Drive.

The berm is about two stories tall.

After the plane caught fire, smoke could be seen in parts of Plainville and Farmington.

The fuselage was blackened, and badly damaged.

The name of the victim was not immediately released.


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