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A Tour Of America’s Roadside Attractions – Part 2

By Elijah Bates
vent haven museum A Tour Of America’s Roadside Attractions   Part 2

Vent Haven Museum (Credit:

Vent Haven Museum

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
For a different kind of nightmare than Precious Moments Inspirational Park can provide, visit the place where freaky ventriloquist dummies go to die. Note: visitors who have previously been to the Musee Mecanique in San Francisco need not take the time for this.

Minister’s Tree House

Crossville, Tennessee
If only the Swiss Family Robinson had listened to God, they likely would have landed in Crossville. The current holder of the “world’s largest tree house” title, landscaper-turned-minister Horace Burgess continues construction of the tree house to this very day.

Mammy’s Cupboard

Natchez, Mississippi
Oh, Mississippi. Until the day comes when you take your place in the 21st century, the rest of this country’s residents will try to laugh at your Little Rascals-esque view of the world. One such example: Mammy’s Cupboard, a roadside restaurant located in the confines of a politically incorrect archetype’s skirt.

Formerly the World’s Largest Chair

Anniston, Alabama
Italian artist Giancarlo Neri owns the record for world’s largest chair. But Anniston had been the titleholder for decades, beating out several other American “destinations” for the honor and throne.

Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum

Jupiter, Florida
Forget Disney World. Want a real Florida treat? Then jaunt on over to Jupiter and soak up the experience of the Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum! Take a gander at the star’s People’s Choice Award, or snap a pic next to the photos of his aforementioned “Friends.”

guidesontes1 A Tour Of America’s Roadside Attractions   Part 2

Georgia Guidestones (Credit:

Georgia Guidestones

Elbert County, Georgia
Not much is known regarding the origin of this cryptic attraction, but it still brings in thousands of interested eyes each year. A manual of sorts for the future, the granite creation was funded by a man with a fake name, and inscribed with messages like “Avoid useless officials.”

Miniature Golf Capital of the World

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Ever gotten to the 18th hole of a miniature golf course and been disappointed that it had come to an end? Then drive over to Myrtle Beach, the mini golf capital of the world with more than 100 courses. Or, for something more eyebrow-raising, go see Eddie, the World’s Largest Child.

Marvin Johnson’s Gourd Museum

Angier, North Carolina
Was Marvin Johnson out of his gourd? Or did he just see something in the vegetables that no one else could? Regardless, everyone can now view his collection of gourd art for themselves inside the municipal building in Angier.


Natural Bridge, Virginia
Completing the Henge Trilogy that includes cars and trucks, Foamhenge offers a more true-to-life rendition, albeit one constructed out of styrofoam. And since it’s not biodegradable, it should actually be around for visits a lot longer than the original.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

Baltimore, Maryland
When passing by Camden Yards, blow off the stadium where the Orioles play and immediately head into Geppi’s. The museum is one of the only physical places in the country to take a comprehensive tour through the last 250 years of pop culture.


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