A Central Connecticut State University student has been arrested, on charges of making up claims that she was the target of anti-gay messages.

Back in March, a large crowd of students from across the state held a rally on the New Britain campus in support of Lexi Pennell.  But police say the 19-year-old student wrote the threatening notes herself.

A 9-page police arrest warrant details the accusations against Pernell

In an arrest warrant, campus police say they put a hidden camera outside of Pennell’s dorm room, and on April 5, caught her on video sliding one of the notes under her own door.

When confronted with the video, police say Pennell confessed to writing them, which included threats and anti-gay slurs.

She was arrested May 2, but this is apparently the first time the arrest has been reported.

In a letter to her roommate, Pennell wrote that she did it because of the attention it brought her.

She said she was afraid her friends had been slipping away, and she felt she was losing her girlfriend.

She faces 25 criminal counts, including falsely reporting an incident, fabricating evidence, and making a false statement.

Pennell has been suspended from attending any Connecticut State University for five years.

“While we are confident that the perpetrator has been identified, we are nonetheless saddened by the student’s actions, which are likely to bring serious consequences for her,” university spokesperson Mark McLaughlin wrote in a statement which did not identify the student.

“We remain proud, however, of the campus community’s response to what we believed was an act of bias, and we reaffirm now what was said then: acts of bias and hate will not be tolerated at CCSU,” wrote McLaughlin.

Pennell has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

Pennell’s public defender declined comment.  The 19-year-old is due back in court July 26.


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