State’s Largest Union of Health Care Workers Applauds Decision

Life-Saving Insurance Protections, Expansion of Care to 32 Million Americans and Affordable Healthcare Options All to Move Forward

Hartford, CT – David Pickus, President of District 1199, the state’s largest union of health care workers, joined SEIU President Mary Kay Henry in issuing this statement in response to the decision by the US Supreme Court today to uphold the Affordable Care Act as fully constitutional, including expansion of care to 32 million Americans, a range of consumer protections from insurance company abuses, the creation of competitive marketplaces in states for individuals to purchase lower cost insurance, and quality of care improvements:

“For more than two years, Republicans like Speaker Boehner, Congressman Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have put their political careers ahead of working Americans struggling to afford and keep their healthcare. Insurance companies and corporate insiders have spent millions to take away the benefits of the law. Today, the Supreme Court rejected their cynical approach and working people won a resounding victory.

“Today’s decision means that cancer survivors will have the healthcare they need; that young adults struggling to find that first good job that offers health insurance within their budgets can continue to have healthcare coverage under their parents’ plan and that our nurses can continue to deliver the care and treatment their patients deserve.

“The members of our union here in Connecticut and across the country dedicate their lives to making sure everyone gets the care they need to survive and thrive in our communities.

“Thanks to President Barack Obama and the members of Congress who believed that passing this law would not only save lives, but endow our children with a more promising and secure future, there are more than 100 million Americans of all political parties, ages, incomes and occupations that are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act.

“Connecticut citizens all over the state are struggling to afford rent, groceries and gas to get to work. The Court’s decision today is vitally important because now is not the time to slow down the benefits of the law that is making healthcare more affordable. Now is the time to keep our state moving forward.”



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