Governor Malloy has vetoed changes to Connecticut’s campaign finance laws passed by the 2012 session of the General Assembly.  In his veto message,  the governor says he agrees with the bill’s aim of strengthening the state law in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision,  he fears that parts of the bill are unconstitutional — and says others are poor public policy.

Malloy says  the bill was worded in a way that wuld have affected virtually any communication by any public official who is also a candidate for office. He also says the measure  likely goes too far in requiring disclosure of votes by individual board members of public companies which make campaign contributions,  because it would apply to businesses incorporated outside Connecticut making contributions involving elections in other states . Malloy says that would be a violation of the commerce clause of the constitution.

The governor says the bill’s provision allowing deployed service members to e-mail or fax their absentee ballots would violate the constitutional right to a secret ballot.

Some supporters of the bill suggested the governor let it become law despite his concerns,  and let the courts decide on the constitutional issues —  but Malloy says he does not want to waste the Attorney General’s time and the state’s resources to defend it,  and says he has a duty to uphold the constitution — and does not think the bill passes constitutional scrutiny.


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