Two brothers living in Florida are charged in connection with the theft two years ago of an estimated 80-million dollars in pharmaceuticals,  including the anti-depressants Prozac and Cymbalta from a warehouse in Enfield.

U.S. Attorney David Fein says 37-year-old Amaury Villa and 46-year-old Amed Villa are charged with theft of internate shipment and conspiracy.

Investigators say thieves disabled the security system on a rainy Sunday morning, cut a hole in the roof and slid down the roof into the warehouse in an industrial park,  then carried the drugs into a waiting vehicle.

Investigators say a water bottle used by Amed Villa, which he left behind, put him inside the warehouse,  though they did not say how fingerprints or DNA from the bottle figured in their investigation.

Authorities say the drugs stolen in Enfield were found last October in a storage facility in Doral, Florida.

The investigation of the warehouse theft was part of a larger investigation of cargo theft,  including trucks in Pennsylvania. Ohio and Tennessee,  and a GlaxoSmithKline drug warehouse in Virginia.  Amaury Villa is one of 11 people arrested in Florida. charged with theft and sale of stolen property.  Amed Villa is charged in an $8 million theft of 3,500 cases of cigarettes in Illinois.



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