Committee Advances Medical Marijuana Bill

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ A bill that would allow adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes, if the drug is prescribed by their doctor, is moving through in the Connecticut Legislature.

Members of the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee voted 35-to-8 in support of the bill Wednesday.
This year’s bill proposes a system for licensing medical marijuana producers, dispensing the drug, and registering qualified patients with debilitating conditions. Some lawmakers have voiced concerns that the bill would sidestep federal laws that classify the drug as an illegal substance.

In an hour-long discussion before the committee vote, opponents raised concerns on how the proposed state law would operate with the federal statute.

A new poll shows a sizeable majority of Connecticut voters support legalizing medical marijuana.

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  • Connecticut Voters Overwhelmingly Favor Medical Marijuana |

    […] Coincidentally, a bill that would allow cannabis to be prescribed to patients in the state is also being voted on this evening. Early returns show that the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee will vote in favor of medical marijuana. We will let you know when a final decision is made. [CBS Connecticut] […]

  • Mad MaxtaxstateCT

    Legalizing ‘medical’ marijuana. Early release of convicts. Elimination of the death penalty, which will have a retroactive effect when challenged by death row inmates in Federal Court. Free debit cards for power outage sufferers, regardless of need or qualification. Unions strong-arming PCAs to join them. What else do the liberal legislature and Gov have planned? Connecticut, land of Legislative Liberty, Lawlessness, and Liberals!

    • George Nicholas

      You just might be the most ignorant person in this country. Let’s just hope that someone that you love never gets cancer and can’t eat or stop vomiting.
      You sound like a Republican – Such compassionate and educated people that you are.
      Where’s Sarah Palin? Russia?

      • Mad MaxtaxstateCT

        I see nothing in your post supporting medical marijuana. On the contrary, I saw a diatribe, replete with ad hominem personal attacks. Here’s a better way to respond:

        I sound like a Republican? Thanks! Perhaps that is because I am Conservative, and there is a great deal of overlap of philosophical foundations.

  • Doug Sutherland

    Check out this interview with Erik Williams of CT NORML. Erik discusses his efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Connecticut and what it will mean for patients and the economy of the state:

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