Suffocation ! – So, how do you think Toyelle Wilson is thinking today ? The Prairie View A&M Coach saw her team score more points in the first half Saturday than Kansas State scored the entire game Monday Night in Bridgeport against UConn…Since those 1st 20 minutes, the Huskies defense has been just terrific. Kansas St’s offense looked rushed most of the night, forced a lot of bad shots and was flustered all night long. Brittany Chambers was right, 5 players together as one defensively all night long. And they had their backs if something went wrong. It’s almost as if this team is peaking at the right time. Don’t be shocked if what UConn has done defensively in the Big East Tournament and the first two NCAA Games hasn’t been noticed in Waco, Palo Alto, Lexington, Spokane and or course, South Bend.

The Huskies will be a tough out..And by the way things are going, the team that can beat them will have to earn it. The one aspect of this tournament that is in  UConn’s favor to beat anyone is their defense. They’ll be in any and every game to the finish line. I would have to think the last team any coach wants to see en route to Denver is Connecticut, the staple of consistency. And the offense is starting to come around. KML and Bria are carrying the load. Now they need that third and fourth option. Stephanie Dolson has been much better since February 27th. Kia Stokes is showing signs of being that “X” factor needed to get the Huskies to the Final Weekend of the season. The more, the merrier of course.

Then, there is Tiffany Hayes..the Senior is dealing with a stress reaction of the right foot…How she plays through the pain will be a factor. And check the stats, with her 6 turnovers last night, she’s now the team leader. Make note, a senior that leads the team in turnovers. Is she trying too hard to get it done ? Let’s hope she’s not pressing the issue as we get closer to the end of the season.

We’ll be in Kingston beginning Saturday covering the pressers, sending sound and previews for the Sweet 16 game on Sunday..Then of course the game broadcast from URI..Pregame TBA…Hope you join us for the best pre and post game coverage of your Huskies.



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