In letters and calls to town officials, some Simsbury residents are objecting to Connecticut Light and Power plans to cut down about a hundred trees in part of town.

Some say the removal of the trees will change the look of Owens Brook Boulevard. Some say there was no sense to which trees were selected for removal.  Some others support cutting down the trees.

Tree-trimming has been stepped up around electric lines in Connecticut, since an early snow storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in October.

Simsbury Public Works Director and Tree Warden Tom Roy says a public hearing on the issue will be held Thursday evening.

“CL & P identified this as a circuit that is vulnerable, and needed to be protected,” Roy said. “They identifed the trees, then they reviewed them with the town.”

The town hired an arborist, who will be on Owens Brook Boulevard Tuesday to talk to residents.

Comments (2)
  1. MrLogical says:

    Cut ’em down.

  2. Perry Masonjar says:

    Take the names of the opponents to tree cutting and trimming and place them at the bottom of the priority list for power restoration after a storm knocks down trees in their town. And surcharge their electric rates, to cover the extra power restoration costs.

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