Prison System Cracks Down On Super Bowl Sunday Absences

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – State prison guards have filed nearly 100 grievances against the Department of Correction commissioner over his efforts to stop guards from calling in sick during the Super Bowl.

The Connecticut Post reports that Commissioner Leo Arnone was largely successful in stopping staff shortages and statewide inmate lockdowns during this month’s Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. Prison officials say guard absences during the Super Bowl have been a problem for years.

The guards’ grievances say Arnone changed work rules, required notes from doctors and violated labor contracts. Labor union officials say the 100 absences during this year’s Super Bowl was about normal for any given day.

Prison officials say they’ve racked up overtime costs on previous Super Bowl Sundays because of higher-than-normal absenteeism.
Information from: Connecticut Post,

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  • Libdumb

    Of course the Union would say a hundred absences is normal since the taxpayers are paying the toll. I can count on my fingers how many people are out in a week amongst hundreds each week. Down with Public Employee Unions!

  • David Silberman

    Dude, you better hope YOU never wind up in a state prison, or you will be getting the “shaft ” from the guards, you know what I mean?

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