Calhoun Medical Absence To Continue

University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun will miss at least three more games.  Calhoun has been undergoing evaluation of back pain diagnosed as spinal stenosis, which has kept him out of the last three games.

Calhoun says he and his doctors seem to have located the problem,  and says  they are moving forward with treatment.  Now, he says, “we have to give that treatment time to see whether or not it is effective.”  He says he hopes he and his medical team will have a clearer picture by the middle of next week.

A statement from UConn says,  in addition to missing tonight’s game against the DePaul Blue Demons,  Calhoun will miss Saturday’s game against the Marquette Golden Eagles and Monday’s at Villanova against the Wildcats.

  • Dave Silberman

    Calhoon is a punk. The team sucks so he bails. No balls!

    • william111

      Dave so sorry we disagree. Mr C and Pat are wonderful caring people.
      Huge support of the heart and kids with special needs. He is catholic and gives
      a great deal to the holy trinitiy church in Pomfret.
      Silberman, what have you done for society.

      • Neil & Bob

        We agree with Dave Silberman. YOU watch, as soon as the team starts to win again, MR “C” WILL all of a sudden “feel better” and be (back) coaching…no pun intended. He is not as good as GENO anyway.

      • Ima Jagov

        Hey WILL, you can’t even spell right…did you go to UCONN and Pomfrit HIGH???

  • David Silberman

    for what mr “c” is getting paid, they should wheel him out there on a stretcher id they have to. Coach the team and make sure they go to class…THAT’S his f’n job!!!

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