ACTON, Mass. (AP) — An atheist family from Acton has sued the local school district, saying their children are being discriminated against because the Pledge of Allegiance contains the words “under God.”

The family’s lawyer asked a judge in Middlesex Superior Court on Monday to have the words taken out.

The parents are identified only as John and Jane Doe, with three children, one in high school and two in middle school.

Their attorney told the judge the children are being marginalized and discriminated against, and that reciting the pledge “defines patriotism according to a particular religious belief.”

The school district’s attorney said the pledge is constitutional and voluntary.

Superintendent Stephen Mills says the there are no negative consequences for students who choose not to say the pledge.

The judge did not immediately rule.

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Comments (4)
  1. Timothy says:

    Ahhh, the old pledging of allegiance issue. Here is the wonderful thing about symbolic language and particularly words and sentence structure: “one naton under (select your own entity and it could be yourself or nothing at all) with liberty….” I have dones this to all sorts of things- even prayer (please forgive me God) as a child and still do at times when I do different churches that say prayers a bit different than how I learned them. The person/s next to me never know as I have no uidea of what they say. I teach this to my children in order that they, my children, and they, others in the group, are able to enjoy the moment as they wish. We as parents are often the ones that create the separation our children feel for our own purpose. For me, as a parent and citizen of the world, it is imnportant to teach my children to have an unshakeabl;e sense of who they are while allowing their neighbor to have the same. For that reason, I would never ask for such a change. I would simply practice creativity in filling in a word that, to us, is simply a word and a place to make the pledge more meaningful to my child while allowing it to be as it is for others. There are enough things to fight over. This is childish.

  2. Thunder 69er says:

    Here we go again. The family should be sueing the federal government not the local school system. This is the way it was written and then amended in 1954. Seeing that all of U.S. currency has “In God We Trust” written on it maybe the family should give all of their money to charity. If the word “God” bothers them so much this is a viable option. PC is BS!

  3. john says:

    great point- id also love an explanation as to what easter stands for and why our children are dooped into loving that holiday via candy and an egg hunt..

  4. Josh says:

    Wish we could skip the courts and just shot morons like this in the brainless heads. Just another worthless POS trying to get free money. We have become way to PC. We need to start using some common sense in this country and tell idiots like this to go f*ck themselfs with a 12″ blade. Bottome line is the system needs to tell them F*ck you, you are not getting a court date for something so utterly stupid.

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