MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) – Remember the pig hidden within the decal on the doors of some Vermont State Police cruisers?

There’s now a movement under way to keep it there.

But it turns out there was more wrong with that image than just the white pig hidden as a splotch on the cow, made to resemble one of Vermont’s ubiquitous Holsteins. State law requires that the cow in the crest be red – not red and white – as a tribute to the hardy Devon cattle first brought to Vermont by English settlers.

“What I would really like is for the governor to just leave the pigs on the car. That’s the bottom line, at no expense to anybody,” said Barre musician Cid Sinclair, who created the Facebook page “Save the Vermont Pigs.” The site has been liked by more than 500 people. Two hundred people have signed an online petition, he said.

“No harm, no foul, take it as an opportunity to have some fun,” Sinclair said. “We live in pretty bleak times and it’s pretty rough. We have an opportunity to laugh together as one, as Vermonters.”

The pigs in the 16-inch decal were first noticed last week by a state police trooper who was washing his car. The crest is believed to have been altered by a Vermont prison inmate who made the image several years ago. The pigs, a derogatory term for police, are on about 30 cruisers.

The Department of Corrections said last week that new decals would be made at a cost of $780. But state police spokeswoman Stephanie Dasaro said Thursday that so far none of the offending decals had been removed.

She said officials had been made aware of the state law that requires the cow in the crest to be red but had been told it was OK to use the existing emblem.

“We value our emblem and what it represents for our state and our agency and we want to be in compliance,” Dasaro said.

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  1. cidman2001 says:

    GREAT NEWS!! Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott has come out in support of using the remaining pig decals to raise money for flood

    relief charity on his Facebook wall. He’s also done an interview with Molly Smith from WCAX. This is exactly the response I’ve been

    hoping for from the Shumlin administration! To say the least, I am tickled pink! (pun intended). I also had the wonderful opportunity to

    do an interview with Molly this morning. I think we’ve turned the corner and we’re heading towards turning this into a great thing.

    I tip my hat to Phil Scott for supporting this movement and recognizing a great opportunity to raise some money and have some fun! I

    also want to stop and thank everybody for all the support with likes, shares and signatures on our petition. It’s been amazing to watch

    this whole thing take off and it wouldn’t have been possible to do without you. So, on behalf of your neighbors in need, I give you all a

    giant high five! We’re going to rock this thing!! As the Lieutenant Governor said….stay tuned!!

    Cid Sinclair
    Save the Vermont Pigs

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