HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The Connecticut Supreme Court says a man can proceed with a lawsuit seeking nearly $200,000 from another man who really fathered the girl he raised with his unfaithful wife.

Eric Fischer sent hair samples to a DNA lab in 2007 over suspicions that he wasn’t the biological father of his then 15-year-old daughter. He was right.

Later tests showed the father was his wife’s business partner, Richard Zollino.

So Fischer sued Zollino for half the cost of raising the girl. A judge ruled in favor of Zollino in 2009, citing the child’s best interest.

But state justices ruled unanimously this week that Fischer’s case is reasonable. They sent it back to the lower court for reconsideration.

Zollino’s lawyer declined to comment.

(Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (3)
  1. Mark says:

    Oh heck yes, this happens way too often. Let the flood gate open now.

  2. Hef says:

    Now that the poor girl knows her “father” isn’t her “real” father, how long before she’s on the pole?

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