Malloy To Testify On Jobs Creation At Congressional Hearing

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is traveling to Washington, D.C. for a two-day trip where he’s scheduled to speak at several events, including an appearance at a congressional hearing on job creation.

Malloy’s office said the governor will be in Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday. This latest trip comes on the heels of a visit last week to Davos, Switzerland, where Malloy was invited to attend and participate in the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

Malloy is expected to join college presidents and the state’s congressional delegation at a ceremony Tuesday honoring United Technologies Corp. for spending more than $1 billion on higher education for its employees.

He’s also scheduled to speak at the National Press Club at a state and local government conference.

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  • LJS

    What possible testimony could Malloy contribute when he has done all he can to kill job creation and shrink the tax base in his own state?

  • Mad MaxtaxstateCT

    If Danelle testifies under oath that he created jobs in Connecticut, he is likely committing perjury. While some jobs were added in Connecticut, Mumblloy’s actions have hurt more than helped in that regard. If he cut spending and taxes, rather than set up the “First Five” scam, the growth of jobs would be much higher. But then many of his strong-arming Union buddies would be out of work.

    • LJS


      That’s a bit like saying that Lake Ontario is likely moist. I’ve concluded that any jobs added were purely accidental. Dan’l has done more to hurt job creation while championing the spin placed on state U3 numbers which in reality are cause for alarm.

  • Jim

    I am torn between wondering when this guy is ever in his office working….and thankful he is gone because it means he is not causing us here in CT more pain. I am starting a fund to send him on a exploratory trip to the moon to help “The Children of CT and others Share the Pain”!

    • LJS

      I’ll contribute as long as it’s a one way ticket.

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