The Board of Regents for Higher Education today approved tuition and fee increases of more than 3 percent for community colleges and the state university system.

Student regent Alex Tetty, Junior voted against the increases, saying students had NOT been given enough warning of the vote.

“That’s one of my main concerns, that students don’t know this is happening, especially at the community college level,” Tetty said. “A lot of students work full time or part time jobs, so knowing beforehand that they are going to have to tighten their belts would be beneficial.”

The vote on the tuition and fee increases was announced to the public during the community colleges’ winter break.

Classes at begin at most community colleges the day after the regents vote.

Very few, if any students attended the regents meeting.

Community college fees and tuition will increase by 3.1 percent.  Fees, tuition, and room and board will increase by 3.7 percent at Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western Connecticut State Universities.

Details are available as a pdf attachment to the board’s agenda.

Board member Gary Holloway said state grants to the schools have dropped in recent years — and are expected to be reduced again next year.

“None of us want to increase tuition any more than we have to, but it is a difficult environment,” Holloway said.

Even with the tuition and fee increases, Holloway says the community colleges face a shortfall of $6.5-million, and the state universities will face a shortfall of $2.5million.

After returning from executive session at the end of their meeting, regents also expressed support for an administration plan to freeze the hiring of non-educational support staff until after the budget is finished.

An in-state undergrad will pay a system-wide average of $19,119 next year to attend one of the state universities, including the costs of living on campus.  An in-state community college student will pay $3,598 next year to commute to class.


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