This large bird seems to have taken up residence near the WTIC studios in Farmington.  A couple of us guessed it might be some sort of owl,  but the current thinking is that it’s a hawk —  apparently a fairly well-fed hawk!

If you’re an ornithologist or a birdwatcher, and you have any information on our new neighbor, or any advice for budding birdwatchers here on “Lake Salhany,”  feel free to comment below!

hawk outside wtic 1 12 12 We Think Its A Hawk?

WTIC Photo

hawk visits wtic pic 3 We Think Its A Hawk?

(WTIC Photo)

hawk visits wtic 4 We Think Its A Hawk?

(WTIC Photo)

hawk visits wtic We Think Its A Hawk?

(WTIC Photo)

Comments (20)
  1. nunya in ct says:

    It looks to me like a red tail hawk:) I have one that lives near me, or on my property. They are gorgeous and eat mice, squirrels among other things:)

  2. Allan Robb says:

    Red-tailed hawk – brown head, brown “necklace” across top of chest – can’t see the red tail – from the back you could. Not a Red-shouldered, but they are similar – soaring hawks.

  3. Richard Hayes says:

    Yes it looks like a Red-tailed Hawk. Actually they have become very common around this area. I’ve even Turkey Vultures in the Batterson Park area of New Britain in the summer.

  4. Courtney says:

    Red-tailed hawk! Love it. They’re very beautiful birds.

  5. Monique says:

    My money is on the Red-Tailed Hawk as well. If you have a chance to listen to it’s scream…..and it sounds like the “adult scream” in this link…
    then you have a positive ID! Good Luck!

  6. Steve Getchell says:

    Agree, red-tailed hawk. I have some in my area at Columbia Lake here in Columbia CT. The loud screeching sound while soaring ( which reminds me of the old Johnny Quest cartoon ) must be heard by employees in the building. They have grown in population in this area during the last 6 years. Also, the rodent population seems to have decreased .

  7. Amy L-G says:

    There are many Hawks in the State. Look for the color of its tail feathers when it fly’s and lands, Bek color and feet color, can also help with identifying it. Chest colors and colors of tail and wings can very dependent on age of the bird. Just like bald eagles are not born with white tails or heads they grow into it. Do listen for the sounds it makes different when announcing its presence and hunting. Length of bird when perched can help; there are many smaller Hawks that hunt from bird feeds are there any in the area? Looks to me the picture was taken when the bird had its feather “buffed out” to keep warm they do this in the rain or snow usually.

  8. Guillaume says:

    Is this some rare owl?

  9. pckaz says:

    My bet is with Red-tailed hawk too

  10. Roy says:

    It’s an immature Red-tailed Hawk.

  11. Rome says:

    Red Tail Hawk. I’ve seen one take a pigeon in mid air on my property. It sounded like someone popping a paper bag! They are also prevalent along Rt 291 heading East. You’ll see them on the light poles watching for their next meal probably because of all the pigeons that gather in that area.

  12. josh says:

    It looks like a peregrine falcon to me .

    1. Gil Salk says:

      Not a peregrine. Compare pictures of head markings…peregrine looks like it’s wearing a Roman helmet. Size and shape are wrong, too, as well as perching location. I agree with all the Red-Tailed Hawks i.d.s

  13. ken lucier says:

    My guess is a Red-Tailed or Red-Shouldered hawk. head is to small relative to the body to be an owl.

  14. mark from windsor says:

    who posted ” we think is a hawk” thats a no brainer

  15. john from berlin says:

    Honey badger

  16. Barack from Washington says:

    I checked with a birder friend of mine and he identified it as a Red Tailed Hawk just as almost everyone else has on this page. It maybe time to change your web site picture, I think you have your answer.

  17. Leigh says:

    How about replacing the hawk with a newsworthy item? He is lovely but has been up here for far too long, LOL.

  18. Steve Getchell says:

    Anyone want to discuss the ridiculous “busway” from New Britain to West Hartford ? What a complete waste of money AND useless roadway. How about making Real changes by completing the Route 11 highway we’ve been waiting for more than 25 years ? With the casino traffic AND the new Mall being built at Foxwoods, this seems to be the more logical roadway to provide safety ( death toll on route 85 is unacceptable ) Traffic jams and time. It has been funded, refunded, and delayed and re-delayed, studied and restudied, economic studies have been done about 30 times. The bridges have been built for so long that they made need repair but have Never been used. Stop wasting my/our tax dollars on useless projects and finish what you started more than a quarter century ago. The population increase and employees in the area Deserve a safe, economical, route. Get off your political duff and finish what you started before wasting more tax revenue !

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