WALLINGFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) — A former Wallingford resident will be deported to his native Mexico after a U.S. Attorney’s Office investigation revealed he was receiving unemployment benefits as an illegal immigrant.

According to court documents and trial testimony, Francisco Nunez-Banuelos, 27, used a Social Security number in December 2007 to seek unemployment insurance compensation benefits that were paid through April 2008.

He received 17 checks totaling $5,678 from the Connecticut Department of Labor and helped another Mexican native living inMexicoreceive benefits, according to officials.

Judge Janet Bond Arterton ordered him to pay $11,439 in restitution yesterday and sentenced him to six months in prison with time served. He was found guilty of one count of false representation of a Social Security number and 17 counts of mail fraud.

Nunez-Banuelos has been detained since his arrest on June 21, when agents from the United States Social Security Commission visited his residence after noticing social security numbers provided by Nunez-Banuelos did not match his name.

Comments (4)
  1. Wolfman says:

    now illegal aliens can vote for Obama in the president election

  2. MK says:

    I Mean REALLY?! Illegals need MANDATORY Re-Entry Sentencing! Also needs to be a New Mandatory Life Sentence for ANY Illegal who convicted of FELONIES! (id rather so this moron thief SHOT)
    We need GREEN CARD Sweeps and need them NOW! We have Corrupt Mexican EX-POLICE and EX-MILITARY walking OUR Streets with Impunity !!
    (They work for Drug Lards, as assassins here on MY SOIL!)

    1. Wolfman says:

      the only Morons on this issue is our politicians and goverment for letting this keep happening

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