NEW HAVEN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) — Occupy New Haven protesters got a scare early Friday morning when police say a man along with his gang entered their encampment and threatened them with his loaded weapon.

Officers arrived at the College and Elm Streets area of the upper New Haven Green after 1 a.m., where members of the Occupy New Haven movement reported a confrontation with a group of black males who were kicking their tents, yelling “Wake up.”

When Occupier Justin Sabatino confronted the group, a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

The group then took off running as officers were called to the scene and gave chase.

Police say suspect Dairres Walden, 22, dropped his gun, retrieved it and ducked from sight during the chase.

As a team of New Haven and Yale Public Safety Department officers secured the perimeter, Walden again gave a short chase before police caught up.

In his waistband were the loaded handgun, black baseball gloves and a knit ski mask, according to the police report. The serial number on the gun had been altered, reports read.

Walden was charged with three counts of weapons violations but neither Sabatino nor a witness could positively identify Walden as the gunman.


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