HARTFORD – Attorney General George Jepsen sent out a warning to Connecticut residents today to be cautious of a possible scam.

According to reports, scammers are calling by telephone and using a company name such as “Global Tech” to offer computer repairs or security systems. These scammers may likely know the consumer’s name and adress.

Attorney General Jespen warned the public saying, “Scam callers are contacting Connecticut residents to warn them their computers are damaged or at risk of crashing. But don’t fall for the scare tactic to get you to buy services you don’t need or to access a bogus website that may install damaging malware on your computer.”

Rep. Diana Urban received one of these calls and reported it to Jepsen. “I was amazed how pushy they were. It immediately worried me because I know my Mom would have done exactly what they said, and my mother is a senior citizen” said Urban. “I am pleased the Attorney General has acted so quickly to alert others.”

The scammers tell consumers that their computers have viruses or are sending out error messages. They then try to coax the consumer by saying that they will fix the consumer’s computer for a fee and ask for remote access to his or her computer.

Upon agreement, the consumer will be directed to a specific website where he or she will allow the scammers access to the computer. The scammers then may install dangerous malware that exposes the computer to the theft of personal information.

This scam may become very costly. Not only will the consumer be subject to possible identity theft as well as unauthorized credit card and bank charges, but consumers may also have to pay money to legitimately fix the virus that the scammers created.

Attorney General Jespen urges residents to report such calls to his office.  He also advises consumers to pay attention to the following guidelines:

Never allow anyone to access your computer unless you know them or have confirmed their identity, and are sure that there is a legitimate need.
Never reveal any personal information, including credit card or bank information, over the phone or by e-mail, particularly in response to unsolicited calls or other communications.
Install a good quality firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software on your computer.
Be sure to keep your operating system, security software and other key programs up to date by setting these programs to download updates automatically.
Do not download software unless it is from a source you know and trust.
Never send payments to anyone unless you have confirmed that the person requesting the payment is legitimately entitled to it.


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