WATERBURY, Conn. (CBS Hartford) — Two women were arrested by Waterbury authorities for allegedly sexually assaulting a child with a dog.

The two suspects, 21-year-old Linda Boles and an unidentified 16-year-old accomplice, allegedly assisted in using the dog to assault the victim approximately two weeks ago, Waterbury Police Capt. Christopher Corbett told CBS Hartford.

Others may have also been involved in the attack.

Further details about the incident were not released as the arrest affidavit has reportedly been sealed, but the charges against Boles are considerable.

She faces two counts of risk of injury to a minor, conspiracy to commit aggravated first-degree assault, accessory to aggravated first-degree assault, and cruelty to animals charges.

She is set to appear in court on Dec. 28, and is being held presently on a $95,000 bond, according to Corbett.

The name, charges and other information about the 16-year-old party arrested were not released due to the age of the suspect. She is also being detained.

Comments (8)
  1. monkeyssuck says:

    Sick monkeys

  2. Abe Ribicoff says:

    So glad I got out of Connecticut many years ago.
    The state is a dump and the people nothing more than animals.

  3. cm says:

    let me guess…the victim was white, and was selected for that reason.

  4. Lazybum says:

    She is a real looker!

  5. dezirae says:

    wow datz crazy i use 2 hang out wit linda bak in da day me n her use 2 b bestfriends we went 2 skool 2getha n we use sit next 2 each otha on da bus ik her mom goin crazy bout dis 1 cuz she raised linda around alot of dogs but it really dnt suprise me dat she would do sumthin lik dis she always tried 2 mak pple do crazy things but srry linda u need 2 b in jail 4 dis cuz dis is jus stupid af

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