Lake Compounce is home to thrills and mayhem weekends in October.
By Kim McNeill

The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce
186 Enterprise Drive
Bristol, CT 06010
(860) 583-3300
Hours: 5 p.m. until Midnight for the Graveyard and until 10 p.m. for rides
Admission: Haunted Graveyard only admission is $21.99 for adults and $15.99 under 12, rides only admission is $21.99 for adults and $15.99 under 12, or get a combination ticket to both for $29.99 for adults and $20.99 under 12

Halloween is all about candy, right? Not for everyone. When Ernie Romegialli’s daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, he decided to take the focus off of candy and put it onto fun; spooky fun fit for the season. What started as a backyard display turned into a Lake Compounce yearly attraction and Southern New England’s largest Halloween attraction and donates money to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

With the thrill of rides, there is no doubt your adrenaline will be pumping this Halloween. The park is open after 5 p.m. for the amusement lover. Boulderdash, the Zoomerang, and Rev-O-Lution running after dark will add to the screams coming from the graveyard.

lc14 Family Guide to the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce


When you’ve had your fill of rides (should you choose to buy the combination ticket), take a quick bathroom break (there are none at the Graveyard site) and check how brave the kids feel. Going on the rides may help build their courage for the frights ahead.

It will take about 45 minutes to explore all of “The Scares”. A vampire castle and werewolf woodsare gruesome traditions to spook you in time for Halloween. The creepy factor is magnified with catacombs complete with soulless monks and the graveyard with freshly risen corpses lurking.

Every Halloween fright is awaiting you. Zombies, horrific pumpkins, and depraved butchery provide a sinister atmosphere. The Graveyard expands each year. A more recent addition is the Mayan Temple complete with a witch doctor, rope bridge, and waterfall.

bg mayan Family Guide to the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce


There are over 150 live, at least not-quite-dead, “creatures” waiting to make you scream. If you want a flesh-crawling, shiver-inducing, screech-inciting fright this Halloween, the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce may be just right.

The Graveyard is scary. 12 year-olds and above will generally be OK. For younger children, your judgment as parent and taking each child’s temperament into account is paramount. Remember, you’re the one stuck getting up in the wee hours if they have nightmares.

Though I wouldn’t take mine at that age, some children as young as six have gone.However, a good indication that this may not be a great night for the younger family members is that the Kiddieland section of Lake Compounce will be closed.

There are animatronics, actors who will pop out at you, gallons of stage blood, and well-done make-up on the actors.  The entire location has a dark, spooky atmosphere. There are walks through a forest, a graveyard, mass-murder scenes, and a castle setting. Each is set up a bit like a maze, but with only one path, so the ability to retreat will be hampered.

Don’t forget your jackets!

Kim McNeill writes at Nutmeg Families, is a publisher mom with Macaroni Kid of Southbury, Middlebury, Roxbury, Bridgewater, and Oxford, Connecticut, a hyper-local community website for families, and also blogs about more Connecticut family fun at Hearst Connecticut Media Group.


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