By Trish McQuillen

My family and I just returned from a great vacation in Tuscany.  Delicious food, amazing sights and unbelievable weather…10 gloriously sunny days.Since we had used our frequent flyer miles to purchase the airline tickets, we were at the mercy of the carrier’s flight plan so when we departed, we had to travel through London for a 2 day “layover.” Let’s just say that the run of 10 gloriously sunny days ended when we landed.

I had never been to London before,but I was familiar with its temperamental weather.  Supposedly a heat wave had hit the city for the three days prior to our arrival.  I would’ve enjoyed a heat wave in comparison to the random weather that soon followed.

rainy london thinkstock Splashin in Fashion, Best Rain Boots in CT

Let’s just say that it was partly sunny, mostly cloudy, very windy, and intermittently rainy every minute of every day.  Around each city street corner brought a new marker to the Doppler radar.  Funny thing was that the Londoners are obviously very in tune with this meteorological chaos.  They would simply reach into a bag or backpack and produce a thin slicker or an umbrella…or even sometimes both.  It seemed as routine as brushing your teeth before bed.

However, we were not as prepared.  We just got wet, then dry, then wet again.  On one street I noticed a young woman who was actually wearing a stylish Hunter rain boot disguised as a funky addition to her outfit.  She moved too swiftly for me to snap a shot, but I was able to find the same boot on line to share with you.

hunter boots outfit Splashin in Fashion, Best Rain Boots in CT

Photo Credit: Clockwise From Left: Madewell, Michael Kors, Hunter Boots, H & M, J. Crew, Stella McCartney, Banana Republic.

What I love about this boot is that it’s a great example of form and function.  It highlights your legs while keeping your toes dry…in a very fashionable way.  The rain boot market has made such strides in adding styles that can be incorporated into your wardrobe without looking like the unflattering, vulcanized rubber galoshes that my parents once wore.

Try these Hunter boots to incorporate a chic twist to a classic trench or pea coat. This MICHAEL by Michael Kors Hooded Trench is functional and stylish. Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets has a Michael Kors store. Add some stripes to further add a funky flair to your classic outfit. Madewell in Farmington has St James Aviso striped shirts that are cozy and cute. Or sport a solid tee and add a striped scarf, like this one from J. Crew. Stella McCartney Square Sunglasses add sophistication; find a pair at Saks Fifth Avenue in Stamford or Greenwich.

Or wear with a relaxed knit dress in either camel or gray to add a touch of femininity to the heavy rubber platform heel.H & M has a fine knit dress that is as comfortable as it is stylish. For a more fun and flirty combination, try the same dress with an animal print version.  Animal prints seem to show their stripes and spots each season so relax, these boots won’t become extinct anytime soon.

sperrys outfit Splashin in Fashion, Best Rain Boots in CT

Photo Credit: From Left: H & M, Sperry, Banana Republic scarf, Anthropologie shorts

The Sperry Topsider wedge from Macy’sis a nautical looking boot that’s perfect for those wet walkways.Whether with skinny jeans and a chunky white turtleneck sweater or the more European combination listed below, these boots are a terrific year round style. Pattern mixing with the Banana Republic begonia print scarf and subtly polka dotted Anthropologie shorts keeps you stylish, balanced by the the timelessly casual denim shirt from H & M.

givinchy outfit Splashin in Fashion, Best Rain Boots in CT

Photo Credit: From Lef: Saks Fifth Avenue, Zara leggings, Lands End shirt, Neimen Marcus

And of course the quintessential equestrian boot that’s not only for riding anymore has surfaced in the form of a rain boot.  This lace up version from Givenchy at Saksworks well while hurdling over poles or puddles.  While we’re dreaming and splurging, take a peak at the exceptional Burberry Jacket shown. It isn’t inexpensive, but it’s a timeless piece that you’ll often gravitate to as the finishing touch to many outfits. You can invest in the piece at Neiman Marcus. Tone down the outfit with an Oxford shirt from Lands End Canvas Brand and combat leggings from Zara.

In any one of the all weather boots offered this season, rainy days never looked so bright!

Trish McQuillen is the owner of Style Design and can be found on “You never know where the path leads….mine went to working for Giorgio Armani one day to teaching Fashion Merchandising at a local college the next.  And now I’m helping clients feel more confident when they dress…and writing a few blogs, such as this one, in between! “


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