A few days ago we asked you, our listeners to share your stories and thank you’s for the brave soldiers, police officers, firefighters and rescue workers who risk their lives day after day to make our world a better place.

Thank you for your responses, the amount of thank you’s we have been receiving has been overwhelming!

While we can’t publish each and every message, we will be highlighting some of them today in memory of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

We offer our thanks to all soldiers and first responders both past and present… you are all true heroes!

Allison K. – My brother Mark is a police officer. My brother Evan is a Federal Agent. My best friend Tom is a Detective.

Each day they put their lives on the line to make our streets in CT safe…they find the criminals, get their info and turn them in so no children will be hurt, no one is robbed of their dignity or their wallet, no drugs are on the street and the people who cause trauma in our daily lives are stopped in our tracks.

Kyara R. – Thank you to all the police officer, firefighters and rescue workers that went above and beyond on 9/11..I pray for your healing and the healing of your families..also to those that that lost loved one..my prayers to you as well

Pamela U. – Thank you to everyone who lent a helping hand during the most tragic event of my lifetime.

Hope P. – Thank you to all the service men and women that leave their families behind to make sure we can stay home and feel safer with our families.  You give up so much for all of us!!

Shelby W. – My father was a firefighter. He’s cool.


Roger P. – Not actually from CT, but with CT roots.  Capt. Erick Peterson, USMC is in Iraq, (somewhere), and following the tradition of his Father, Grandfather, Uncles, and Grand Uncles. His Dad was also a Marine Lt.Col. who fought in Vietnam, his uncles, Army, Navy, Airforce, and his Grandfather a Coastguardsman in WWII, (his GrandMother served the USO in WWII also).  The tradition of defending America from all enemies foreign and domestic is in the Peterson blood, and always will be.  I’m proud of my Nephew, Capt. Peterson, and wish him Godspeed home from this war.

Ed L. – to the 343 of FDNY that gave it all

Gary W. – For all our Military personnel overseas, I will pray you all come home soon and safe.

Marie S. – thanks to all firefighter’s everywhere.   we really appreciate what you do.

Betsy D. – Thanks to all the firemen and women whom we charish.  While you are probably not wealthy from your job, you are rich with admirers.

Gregg V. – I believe that every police officer, fireman and service men and woman should be honored for their service. To the warriors that stand on the wall, to the police that search for those who pass the wall, and the fireman that rush forward when the wall falls, thank you.

Linda H. – I know many possible individuals that would apply.  Therefore, it’s not fair to list only one.  My husband is a former Viet Nam veteran and a retired police officer so I always look to him when a “thank you” is mentioned.  I can assure you that his efforts in both of those capacities are note worthy but with your qualifying time frame of “past decade” I’d have to move from my daily appreciation of him and simply offer a sincere “general thanks” to all of those that have taken his place.

Carol H. – My hero is my husband Joe. He served as a marine and then became a police officer. The principals he learned are now a part of him even though he is retired from both. He is loyal and true to friends and family.  Love you Joe!

Annmarie M. – my son is a firefighter in Plainville I am so proud of him.

Charles L. – having been a police officer for over 31 years and retiring just before 9-11 i know what it like to work to protect those around you and the many sacrifices that you make on a daily basis let alone the large sacrifices that were made by all the emergency services during and after 9-11 thank all of you for your dedication.

Mary G. – Having had a cousin who served as an Army Ranger in Iraq, I’d like to salute another set of heroes – the wives, mothers, fathers, children and other family members of those who serve others.  Behind every person who serves are people who love them enough to overcome their own fears and reservations and let them go to do it.  God Bless!
Check back later today for more messages of thanks!


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