A few days ago we asked you, our listeners to share your stories and thank you’s for the brave soldiers, police officers, firefighters and rescue workers who risk their lives day after day to make our world a better place.

Thank you for your responses, the amount of thank you’s we have been receiving has been overwhelming!

While we can’t publish each and every message, we will be highlighting some of them today in memory of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

We offer our thanks to all soldiers and first responders both past and present… you are all true heroes!

Jennifer Y. – My brother in law is a firefighter in Farmington, Connecticut. I consider him to be a brave man, who puts his life on the line every day.

Marlene D. – Thank you to all of the brave FDNY firefighters who gave their lives while trying to rescue others on that fateful day of 9/11/01. May their sacrifice never be forgotten.

Kathleen K. – they give there all for us so we can remain free

Lisa K. – Thank you so much for your time. As Americans we don’t say thank you enough.
Diane S. – Thank you to all the N.Y.C. police officers and firemen for helping out on 9/11/01.

Debbie C. – I was at work at the Wallingford P&DC when I received information a plane hit one of the towers. I went everywhere looking for a TV to see what was going on and since I lived in CT I felt that I needed to hear. The chilling and pain I felt so was overwhelming but then I heard that Connecticut was sending help and I wished so I could help, but I really didn’t have any abilities that they were looking for. I am a Veteran and I could not be more proud of all the volunteers from Connecticut. They acted selfless and only thought of helping and that is what American is all about, we help no matter what.

Janet R. – Thank you to my wonderful son-in-law, Bart, who is currently serving in the US Army and will be deployed in March 2012 to Afghanistan. You are my hero.
Regina L. – Thank you to my nephew Steve Herkner for serving in the National Guard all of these years. I know it has been difficult to leave your beautiful family so many times over the years. You’ve been there to help the less fortunate and fighting for our freedom and its been a large price to pay, watching friends die and getting wounded on the battle fields as well as struggling with PTSD once they’ve gotten home. Hope the army does takes care of each one of your friends and your health issues as a result of so many deployments to the field over the years. It is important to take care of you and your colleagues after you’ve taken such good care of us. I know the children miss you whenever you are away, but they are wonderful and unfortunately your deployment has taken its toll on them. It is hard to have such little ones understand all of the sacrifices the entire family has made. Love you and Gob Bless you. Thank You so very much!!

Dottie S. – I am very mindful of every time I hear of a Connecticut soldier giving their life to protect us. I lower our flag to half mast and think of the families of these soldiers suffering after their loss.Thank you.

William L. – I would like to thank our mayor, Dominic Sarno, and all of the rescue workers and volunteers who helped after the tornado. They did an incredible and inspiring job.

Joyce C. – Many firefighters worked unreasonable hours under adverse conditions to try and help those who needed them most.

Bonnie E. – I would like to thank a very special hero in my life. My ex-husband James Eaton who works for the Hartford Fire Dept. He is my son Hero doing all the necessary duties to help save lifes in which his life is put on the line. He has had close calls but knowing his heart is in it to protect & save being such a role model for our son Ja’mani he wants to follow in his father footsteps overfills me with gratitude because my son is such a caring & compassionate boy always trying to help another boy or girl in need. So i salute Mr. Eaton as well as all the fire fighters in the world they can such a challenging & yet very risky job but they do it because they care & may God always be there protector…

Adinelia R. – I want to thank my two brothers, friends, and Chief Casares for their dedication to the City of Hartford. I want to also thank Chief Roberts for his dedication as well. These people work hard to keep us safe.

Gigi P. – I would like to thank every person who helped out in any way during this tragic event. In my eyes they are all heroes. Thank you so much for putting yourself in harms ways to help those in need. The images during this terrible time are forever etched in my head. Thank God for all of you HEROS!

Paul T. – To all who serve our country, states, and towns that put themselves in harm’s way, thank you for your generous sacrifices and for being who you are. I am a veteran and am proud to say I served my country.

Brenda S. – Being a Navy brat I am very aware of the sacrifices made by our military and their families make. I am very thankful to all of our military branches, police, firefighters, rescue workers, etc. They put their lives on the line daily and should be appreciated more than they are. God Bless America!!!!

Beverly M. – Thank you for your service… You don’t always hear a ‘thank you’ but the thought is always present.

Cheryl W. – Thank you to all the men and women in uniform who put our lives ahead of their own each and every day so that we can live in a safer world.

Check back later this week for more messages of thanks!


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