A few days ago we asked you, our listeners to share your stories and thank you’s for the brave soldiers, police officers, firefighters and rescue workers who risk their lives day after day to make our world a better place.

Thank you for your responses, the amount of thank you’s we have been receiving has been overwhelming!

While we can’t publish each and every message, we will be highlighting some of them today in memory of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

We offer our thanks to all soldiers and first responders both past and present… you are all true heroes!

Neil J. – Well it’s a former boss who hired me and worked for. He gave me an opportunity which I always appreciated. He actually moved on and worked his way up from a district Supervisor to a financial consultant for a school system in Connecticut. He was a family man and just a great guy to know.
Unfortunately he’s not with us anymore. He had an office at the World Trade Tower 10 years ago. He helped people down to the street and then went back up for others, but never made it himself. When someone gives their life, that is the ultimate sacrifice. His name is J. Bruce Eagleson and I will never forget him.

Kevin B. – Josh Budd severely injured in the war from Cheshire pray for his recovery

David K. – Thanks to all that serve to protect our freedom!

Karen S. – I would like to thank all the people that worked so hard on 9/11. and my prayers are with the families that lost loved ones.

Bambi M. – Thank you, Dad, for your hard work. We really miss you when you work all those hours – but we know you are making a difference in this world!

Kelli C. – My uncle passed away in the Navy before I was born. My grandfather and other uncle served as well. There is no one more brave than a United States Soldier. Prayers to all of them and the families. Also, God be with our other heroes, Police and Firefighters. Thank you! We love you.

Christopher W. – My dad was in the Air Force and my brother was one of the first responders to the plane crash in PA as an EMT and firefighter. We cannot thank all of our hometown heros enough who put their lives in danger for us. They are the reason why we live in such a great country!!!

Kaitlyn C. – thank you to my best friend’s father, a firefighter who is about to run the Tunnels to Towers marathon in NTC with his gear on!

Check back later today for more messages of thanks!


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