HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The Connecticut State Police Union is urging Gov. Dannel P. Malloy not to follow through with plans to lay off 56 state troopers, arguing that the cuts would worsen the department’s already depleted ranks.

More than 200 troopers turned out for a rally at the state Capitol on Monday. They face layoffs because the troopers did not ratify the entire labor concessions package reached with Malloy, voting down a two-year wage freeze.

state police rally c 8 22 11 ap photo jessica hill State Police Rally Against Layoffs

State Police Rally (Jessica Hill/AP Photo)

Malloy said he has “total confidence” in his public safety officials that they will manage the state police “with the resources they have without jeopardizing public safety.”

The troopers say they’re unique in state government and want the break away from the other state employee unions when it comes to negotiating pension and health care benefits.

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  1. Libdumb says:

    Oh no, Dunkin Donuts stock is ging to cave. Maybe they will do more than hand out traffic tickets to pad their budget. You know like protect us against real criminals.

  2. Mad MaxtaxstateCT says:

    When every other state labor union approved the deal, why didn’t the State Troopers? Do they think they are better than other union members because of the job they do? Do they think they are irreplaceable? If everyone must sacrifice to help the state balance the state budget, that means EVERYONE without exceptions. I do not buy the claim of ‘already depleted ranks’ being a valid point. Because there isn’t chaos and mayhem in the state, and the population in CT has declined over the last decade, their ranks cannot be significantly depleted to threaten public safety. And who is to say what is the proper level of trooper staffing when the current economy, and high unemployment and gas prices cause fewer highway miles to be driven? Connecticut statutes have a minimum number, but that is based on a prior years situation. This story needs more details. But I’ll toss all of my comments above if Gov. Malloy abandons ALL of the wasteful uses of public funds in the budget; e.g. the Magic Bus-way from New Britain to Hartford, the Rt. Ma11oy Toll Road to Casino Corner, and the expansion of the UConn medical center.

  3. Libdumb says:

    Oh yea, I see may of the depleted force parking along 91 and handing out tickets for someone going a couple miles faster than the speed limit. Most of them are PO”d because their radar goes off and awakes them from their shift 2 hour nap.

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