By Andrew Dominick

Our country is littered with food trucks and the good people that run them. From hot dogs, to ice cream, tacos, and more, there are many different types of food trucks. So why not a cupcake truck? Well, you’re in luck. In the small town of Norwalk, Connecticut, 16-year-old twins Kate and Gavin Nelson made the best of the current cupcake craze by starting a mobile bakery one year ago.

Short & Sweet Cupcakes was born when Kate and Gavin’s mom said something in the terms of, “What if you could come up with an idea to pay for a year of college?” Challenge accepted.

The twins had always come up with good ideas for fundraisers while enrolled at Montessori Middle School in Wilton, Connecticut. At Montessori, Kate and Gavin made and have remained friends with the school’s principal RamaniDeAlwis. DeAlwis and Kate Nelson both have a love for baking so joining forces to make fantastic cupcakes seemed logical. “I like to bake and remembered that she liked to bake too,” said Kate Nelson. “So we asked her if she wanted to do this with us.” All Kate and Gavin needed now was a truck with all the amenities to get their cupcake business up and running.

“The truck was originally bought at an auction and we bought it online,” said Kate Nelson. “The truck was empty and had no windows and a contractor friend of the family put in windows.” From there, the truck was outfitted with a sink, bakery racks, and two ovens that bake 48 cupcakes each. Another friend designed the logo and the decals on the truck were put on by a local company. Short & Sweet Cupcakes was ready to get going and feed the public their delectable delights.

Customers have the option to pick a certain type of cake out of vanilla, chocolate, and apple pie (apple cake with apples inside). Then they can choose a frosting from either apple spice buttercream, vanilla buttercream, or chocolate buttercream. “The plain chocolate or vanilla with either vanilla or chocolate frosting are our bestsellers,” said Gavin Nelson. Some of the other cupcakes they feature include red velvet, carrot cake, key lime, mint chocolate, and peanut butter banana. The cupcakes are all made from scratch and old family recipes. Some cupcakes are a combination of recipes from the brother and sister team and DeAlwis that they tested and found which flavors meshed together.

short and sweet cupcakes credit andrew dominick Norwalk’s ‘Short & Sweet Twins’ Have The Right Recipe

Photo Credit: Andrew Dominick

In addition to hitting the streets and events at schools in Norwalk, Short & Sweet is available for catering and have seen an increase in business from last year. The twins have found out that sometimes the best way to get that extra job to bake for a party is by selling on the street right out of the truck. “We had a couple hire us after they tried a cupcake while we were out in South Norwalk,” said Kate Nelson. “They loved the cupcakes and it turns out they were having a housewarming party and hired us to make 400 cupcakes.”

Short & Sweet’s cupcakes sell for $2.50 each and a dozen goes for $25.00. Information on placing orders, a menu, and additional contact information can be found on their website at If you follow them on Twitter @cupcks they will Tweet the location of the truck so you can stop by and enjoy fresh baked goodness.

“With all the baking and the amount of time I spend around cupcakes, I’m starting to lose my appetite for them,” said Gavin Nelson. Even though Gavin’s taste for cupcakes has been more than satisfied, Short & Sweet’s treats will make you think twice about buying from your local bakery and instead will make you search for the green and white striped truck.

Andrew Dominick is a freelance writer and food blogger living in Norwalk, Connecticut. His articles can be found at and his food reviews at 


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