Branford officials are trying to figure out who killed a male, apricot colored poodle.

Animal Control Director Laura Burban says the dog was killed over the winter, and its remains left near an abandoned building on Beaver Road.  They are asking the public for help.

“We sent the dog off for necropsy to find out what killed the dog,” Burban said. “That is when we found out there was a 3 by 2 centimeter opening in the abdomen, which we believe to have been caused by a human with a weapon such as a knife.”

The unneutered, ungroomed dog lacked a microchip or an identification tattoo, but Burban says it was probably not a stray.

“It is always troubling to us to find an animal that has been killed at the hands of a human, because our concern is that it could happen to a human next, by the same person,” Burban said.

The dog’s body was found March 26.  The necropsy results were returned last month.  Since then, animal control officials have been trying to identify the dog, and talk to neighbors to find out if anyone saw anything.

Because of cold weather over the winter, it was difficult to determine how long the dog had been dead.  It could have been killed any time between December and March.

Branford animal control‘s phone number is 203-315-4125.


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