BALTIMORE (AP) _ Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz
and Baltimore Orioles closer Kevin Gregg began three-day
suspensions Monday after having their four-game suspensions reduced
following an appeal.

Both players will sit out the entire series between Baltimore
and Boston that runs through Wednesday. Ortiz and Gregg were given
four-game suspensions on July 14 after nearly getting into a fight
six days earlier at Fenway Park.

“Got to take it like a man,” Ortiz said. “You just don’t want
to go over the same things again. Doing what I did wasn’t the right
thing to do, so you’re going to be punished. Just want to get over
with and continue the season.”

The fray started when Gregg threw two inside pitches to Ortiz,
who started toward the mound after the second throw. Players from
both benches and bullpens trotted onto the field, but nothing
further developed.

“MLB has offered to take a three-game suspension and a slight
reduction in the fine,” Gregg said. “Ortiz and I are both going
to sit out this series. That’s it.”

Gregg was miffed that he got the same amount of time as Ortiz,
Gregg insisted he was just doing his job– pitching inside to a
good hitter– and Ortiz overreacted.

“I talked to the league a little bit, I talked to the player’s
association a little bit,” he said. “The bottom line is trying to
do what’s in the best interest of the team. Just to get things
done, to take my time now. I still don’t think it’s fair that we
have the same fine, same suspension, but we’re going to move past
that point and get on with the season.”

Orioles reliever Mike Gonzalez, who appealed his three-game
suspension, has not yet heard from MLB officials.

“Kevin had four and I had three,” the left-hander noted. “I’m
expecting them to at least make it two games or something.”

Baltimore manager Buck Showalter has already served his one-game
suspension. Showalter and Gonzalez were ejected after the pitcher
threw a fastball behind Ortiz in the series finale on July 10.

     (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)


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