State Police are investigating after troopers say an SUV struck and killed a mountain lion on Route 15 in Milford. The crash occurred on the northbound side of the parkway near exit 55 around 12:40 a.m. Saturday, said police.

The driver of the vehicle was not injured, said police. The animal was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection confirmed the animal to be a mountain lion and responded to remove the animal.

Mountain lions haven’t been in Connecticut in more than a century, CBS New York reported. Officials are now investigating whether the animal is the same one that was spotted in Greenwich recently.

“We are saying that it may be the one that was sighted in Greenwich. We are investigating that,” said Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Cindy Chanaca. “We’re looking at evidence from the sighting in Greenwich along with the situation in Milford to try to determine if in fact this is the same mountain lion.”

Where the mountain lion came from remains a mystery, although one theory is it was someone’s exotic pet and it either escaped or was set free.

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  1. Bruce says:

    many people including myself have tried to warn the DEP we have them in CT. These guys are spotted in Milford all the time though probably the same one.

  2. ForReal says:

    Come on now…you know it’s probably just a Fox or Bob Cat. If that don’t work..You know you photo shopped the picture. Hum…Okay…they were released from captivity. But now they LIVE HERE…eating, mating, and Existing here. Along with that PACK OF BEARS (AKA: Mom and 2 cubs) in AVON. So…..People…..Deal with it. You live in the COUNTRY. Don’t like it….move to NYC. Probably cheaper there anyways.

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