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Kelvin Daye. Image from the East Hartford Police Department

According to court documents released today, a man charged with killing a woman apparently thought he was haunted by his alleged victim.

In an arrest warrant application, police write that recent DNA tests matched Kelvin Daye to a 2004 rape, beating, and murder in East Hartford.

A person who had been close to Daye told police that years later, Daye said he was haunted by an Indian woman.

Victim Trupti Patel was born and raised in India.

Daye said he saw the woman sitting on the edge of a chair in his East Hampton home.

Daye allegedly said when you kill someone they always come back to haunt you.

The witness initially thought Daye was crazy, but later thought he was talking about the woman who had been shot.

In court today, a judge ordered Daye held in lieu of $5-million bond.

Daye struggled to sign paperwork in the courtroom, because his wrists were cuffed and attached to a chain that went around his midsection.

In paperwork filed by police, there are indications that Daye might not have acted alone.

Some of the forensic tests found mixtures of DNA which included Daye as a likely source, and ruled out the victim as the other source.

One witness told police that she thought the attack was a hit, and that the victim may have been the wrong person.

A person interviewed by police said Daye told her that he killed a woman in a basement, and that he was a ganster.

The judge also ordered special mental health precautions for Daye.

One person interviewed by investigators said he tried to stab her.  Another person said he tried to shoot her.

Both women were afraid to talk to police, because they thought Daye might come after them.

Day was in federal custody waiting to be sent back to Jamaica, after  previous criminal convictions.

  1. The Mayor says:

    Fly him over Jamaica and toss him out of the plane….. Justice Served and he is returned home for disposal

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