We are now learning more about the tentative deal struck last week between state union leaders and Governor Malloy’s administration.   The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition, which represents 15 unions is letting rank-and-file members know the nuts-and-bolts of the deal.

The agreement calls on state workers to pay more for healthcare, beginning with investments in the Retiree Health Care Fund.

A new $35 co-pay for emergency room visits that don’t require hospitalization and a new preventative health program that includes a mandate for a yearly physical.   Workers who don’t sign on will have to pay $100 dollars a month extra in premiums.

The retirement age will go from 62 to 65, but that doesn’t happen until 2022.   The deal also eliminates longevity pay and curbs periodic bonuses for new employees.

In return,the Malloy administration promised no layoffs for four years, and got rid of furlough days.

Malloy has said the deal achieves $1.6 billion in savings over two years.   The Governor will still have to find another $400 million in budget cuts to team with $1.5 billion in new taxes to eliminate the deficit.

The deal could take weeks to be ratified.

Below are details of the tentative agreement furnished by the Governor’s Office:

SEBAC Agreement


  1. CTSteve says:

    Dear Governor –
    What if we, in the private sector, also provide one meal a week to the Unions so we can feed them also?
    I provide my own retirement, health care and DO NOT have a 4 year guarentee on ony job.
    I have no obligation to my union brothers and sisters yet you dictate to me that I do. .
    Please get a real job so you understand what it takes to stand on your own two feet. Stop taking more of MY money.
    PS – and how is this going to grow our state?

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