WTIC NewsTalk 1080 was the winner of five awards,  including the “Mark Twain Award for Station Excellence” presented at the Connecticut Associated Press Broadcasters Association Friday.

In addition to the Twain award, the WTIC staff was the winner for Best Radio Website.

WTIC won “Best Radio Newscast” for 2010 for its afternoon “Total News,”  with anchors Bill Pearse and Aaron Kupec.  Afternoon sports with Voice of the Huskies Joe D’Ambrosio won the “Best Radio Sportscast” award.

Aaron Kupec also won in the “Spot News” category, for WTIC’s coverage of the Hartford Distributors shootings last August.

And the WTIC sports and production staffs won for their football pre-game special,  “Countdown to Kickoff”

Here is the AP’s list of winners:

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Here is the list of winners for the 2010 Connecticut AP Broadcast Awards contest:


Breaking News:
WFSB-TV, Middletown Plant Explosion, Ray Villeda, Jeff Kolan, Heather Hegedus

Breaking News Videography:
WTIC-TV, Bus accident, Nick Dethlesfsen

Continuing Coverage:
WTIC-TV, Koistenen Hearing, John Krebs, Jennifer Lahmers

WFSB-TV, Hartford’s Arlington, Len Bestoff, Andy Halpin, Eric Budney, Tracey Furey
WSHU, Police officers train to help those with mental illness

WTIC, UConn-USF Countdown to Kickoff
WSHU, Yale Carillon continues 500-year-old tradition, Craig LeMault

News 12 Connecticut, Sky’s the Limit, Dan Renzetti, Kathryn Hauser

Feature-Quick Hit:
WTIC-TV, Safety Man, Mike Piskorski, Jim Altman

Feature Videography:
WTIC-TV, SWAT Challenge, Mike Piskorski

General News:
WTIC-TV, Bridgeport Tornado, Jim Altman, Sharon Burke

WFSB-TV, Superintendent salaries, Heather Hegedus

News 12 Connecticut, Evening Newscast, Tom Appleby and News 12 staff

News Writing:
WTIC-TV, Jim Altman

Sports Videography:
WTIC-TV, Joey’s Story, Mike Piskorski

News 12 Connecticut, Damian Andrew Sportscast

Sports Program-One Time Special:
News 12 Connecticut, Average Joe, Kathryn Hauser, Dan Wills, Dan Renzetti, Amanda Dennis

Sports Story:
WQUN, 2010 Pilot Pen Championship, Mike Lyle

Spot News
WTIC, Hartford Distributors Massacre, Aaron Kupece

WFSB-TV, Mark Dixon, Meteorologist

WFSB-TV, Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Mark Twain Award for Station Excellence:
WTIC FoxCT, Coleen Marren and staff
WTIC Radio News staff

WSHU, Towns consider allowing deer hunters in parks
WSHU, Democrats hope WWE video clips will lose McMahon votes
WSHU, For some, PEZ is not just a toy or candy, it’s an obsession, Craig LeMault
Feature Videography:
News 12 Connecticut, Jim Mennino Features Composite
WTIC-TV, Ice Climbers, Nick Dethlefsen
Sports Videography:
News 12 Connecticut, Motherpuckers, Mark Sogofsky
News 12 Connecticut, Blind Faith, Matthew Cyr
Best Weathercast:
News 12 Connecticut, Paul Piorek Weathercast
WVIT, Bob Maxon
Sports Program-One Time Special
WTIC-TV, UConn Parade, Dana Killebrew, Tim Lammers
News 12 Connecticut, Blind Faith, Mark Sudol, Matthew Cyr
News 12 Connecticut, Chess King, Mark Sogofsky, Mark Sudol
News 12 Connecticut, Seeking Salvation, Jim Mennino, Christopher Wood
General News:
WTIC-TV, SWAT Challenge, Jim Altman, Mike Piskorski
News 12 Connecticut, Tax Line, Kristi Olds, Christopher Wood
WTIC-TV, Wanted Sex Offender In New Haven Let Go By Police, John Charlton, Sharon Burke
WVIT, Humane Society, Debra Bogstie
Feature-Quick Hit:
WTIC-TV, Haiti Photo, John Charlton, Mike Townsend
News 12 Connecticut, Saving Sebastian, Kristi Olds, Christopher Wood
Best Newscast
WVIT-TV, 11 p.m. News
Continuing Coverage:
WTIC-TV, Windsor Locks Cop Arrest, John Krebs, Narmen Choudhury
Breaking News:
News 12 Connecticut, Something to Salvage, Kimber Crandell, Dan Renzetti, Christopher Wood
News 12 Connecticut, Ready, Aim, Fire!!!, Jim Mennino, Mark Repasky
News 12 Connecticut, Rosario Cold Case, Melissa Tabernam, Courtney Kane, Christopher Wood
WTIC-TV, Jane Doe No More, Sarah French
Breaking News Videography
News 12 Connecticut, Jim Mennino Composite
News Writing
WVIT, Making The Grade, Brad Drazen
News 12 Connecticut, Frank Recchia Composite

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)


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