HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A legislative committee has approved a bill that would resurrect highway tolls in Connecticut, but only to complete Route 11 in southeastern Connecticut.

The General Assembly’s Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee passed the limited proposal on a 37-15 vote. The bill now moves to the House of Representatives.

Sen. Andrea Stillman, a Democrat from Waterford, stressed that the retooled bill would only affect Route 11. Funds raised by the tolls would help cover the state’s share of constructing the extension of the highway from Salem to I-95. She said the region has waited 30 years to finish the road and it’s become a serious safety concern.

Rep. David Scribner, a Republican from Brookfield, opposed the bill, saying he’s worried it would open the door to using tolls on other highways.

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  1. Bumpy TollRoad2Ruin says:

    This opens the door to more such ‘pet paving projects’ by Dem Legislators, to payback their union-controlled construction workers who fund their campaigns. Remember the construction work fiasco on Rt 84 in Waterbury, where sewer drains were improperly installed or not installed at all, and the drains had to be redone? Who paid for the corrective work? Who benefitted, other than those doing the re-construction work? A toll is a tax in the form of a road use fee. Either pay it or don’t use the road. But, how are all those commuters getting to work or to the Casinos now? Gov Wm J Le Petomane and the Dem Legislators are paving the Road to Ruin in the State of CTax, on which all smart, hardworking taxpaying citizens will leave, most likely having to pay a toll on their way out.. Rep. Stillman; can you cite accident or injury stats directly attributable to an incomplete Rt 11?

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