Thompson’s Wild Pig Problem

Thompson school officials say at least one wild pig or boar has been menacing school athletic fields for the last two weeks or so. The pig– or pigs– have caused minor damage to a baseball field and disrupted the local cross-country team, according to Superintendent of Schools Michael Jolin.

Town officials are working with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to capture the pig(s).

Jolin says he has no idea where the animal(s) came from. “I can only deal with rumor on that,” he told WTIC News. “I’ve talked to some of the older town folks here; they say years and years ago– and I’m talking decades– that there were those types of animals that did kind of roam around and we could be dealing with a descendant. We don’t know.”

  • D Richardson

    Structurally and physically this looks like a Pot Belly pig. LOTS of pet owners dump their Pot bellies when they discover that they often get bigger then they thought (they can get up to 250 lbs) I bet some one dumped out their now too large pets

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